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Batteries for Eaton - Powerware PW9130 2000VA (External battery pack), Rack

Art.-No.: PW9130-2000EXBR

Price: 378.75 EUR Instead of 416.63 EUR
(incl. VAT 450.71 EUR) plus shipping ups
 Batteries for Eaton - Powerware PW9130 2000VA (External battery pack), Rack is ready for delivery

Batteries for Eaton - Powerware PW9130 2000VA (External battery pack), Rack

Brand:B.B. Battery©
Battery Type:Maintenance-free, leak proof, Sealed Lead Acid battery. Best high-current ability for UPS units.
Dimensions:151x65x94 mm (LxWxH); per battery
Weight:30.0 kg
Operating Environment:30°C to 50°C, recommend + 10°C to + 30°C
Warranty:2 years
Lifespan:Up to 6 years.
Included in delivery: Batteries excluding cable and mounting parts
(cable and mounting parts will be used from previous battery)

High capacity battery including the following benefits:

  • 2 years warrantyvds-logo
    24 months warranty instead of the usual 12 months.
  • Fast delivery
    Insured and fast shipping with UPS©.
  • Easy disposal
    Pickup and recycling of old batteries possible.
  • Technical support
    Service technicians are available to you at any time.

Replacement batteries for Eaton/Powerware UPS:
  • PW9130 2000VA (External battery pack) Rack
  • Eaton 9130 2000VA (External battery pack) Rack
  • Eaton 9130 Rack BAT 2000R (External battery pack)

B.B. Battery© - High Quality brand batteries

Batterie Querschnitt

Applied battery by battery-direct beats manufacture-requirements.

  • High power density
  • Stable construction
  • High percentage of lead
  • Independent operating positions
  • Fully maintenance-free


tippMaintenance information:

  • Low ambient temperature is important for a longer life span.
  • Quick installation of battery to avoid deep discharge.
  • Replace battery as set, never single ones.


Recommended accessories:



Multiple socket outlet 3-fold for connecting safety plugs to a UPS up to 10 A
Price: 8.90 EUR
Instead of 9.79 EUR
(incl. VAT 10.59 EUR)
plus shipping ups




APC UPS WEB/SNMP Network Management Card. Model: AP9630
  • Connection UPS to network
  • Real-time observation and regulation of UPS via web browser
  • Shut down of server
Price: 214.00 EUR
Instead of 235.40 EUR
(incl. VAT 254.66 EUR)
plus shipping ups




Rack-Mount PDU - Power distribution strip ( rack-mountable ) - AC 208/230 V - 4 Output Connector(s) - 1U - 19"
Price: 49.00 EUR
Instead of 53.90 EUR
(incl. VAT 58.31 EUR)
plus shipping ups


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Batteries for Eaton - Powerware PW9130 2000VA (External battery pack), Rack