Battery kit for APC Smart UPS 420 and APC Back UPS replaces APC RBC2

Art.-No.: RBC2-BD1

Warranty extension - 3 years of secure power supply

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Battery kit for APC Smart UPS 420 and APC Back UPS replaces APC RBC2

For APC models:SC420I, SU420INET, SUVS420I, BK250I, BK250EI, BP280SI, BK300MI, BK350EI, BK350-GR, BK350-IT, BK350-FR, BK400I, BK400EI, BP420SI, BP420IPNP, BK500EI, BK500-GR, BK500-IT, BK500-FR, BK500I, BK500MI, BR500I, BE550-GR, BE550-IT, BE550-FR, BH500INET
Manufacturer number:RBC2-BD1
Product group:APC replacement battery
Product Type:Ready-to-install RBC2-BD1 battery kit conforming to APC-specifications
Battery Type:Maintenance-free, leak proof, Sealed Lead Acid battery. Best high-current ability for UPS units
Guideline:APC UPS 2002/95/EG, RoHS compliant
Warranty:2 years (3 years optional)
Video:That simple works an installation with a fully assembled Plug 'n' Play Kit by battery-direct. Installation video (1:24 min)
Lifespan:Up to 8 years at 25°C
Length:151 mm
Width:65 mm
Height:100 mm
Weight:2,35 kg
Included in delivery:RBC2-BD1 Battery kit, installation manual
Documents:usv-rbc Datasheet

Optional extended warranty

Ensure yourselves 3 years power despite power breakdown with our optional extension of warranty. The higher-than-average long warranty of 2 years will completely be extended by 1 year. Therefor please choose during your order the corresponding option

Best quality to Great-conditions


Revitalize the heart of your APC UPS

Batteries are the heart of a UPS system. They ensure the standby state of your UPS system. Because of our 100 % quality control, stress tests (load tests) and a final equalization charge, you will always have power even during a blackout.

RBC2-BD1 Replacement Battery for the following APC UPS models

APC Smart UPS 420 battery fits the following models:
  • SC420I
  • SU420INET
  • SUVS420I
APC Back UPS battery fits the following models:
  • BK250I
  • BK250EI
  • BK300MI
  • BK400EI
  • BK500I
  • BK500MI
  • BR500I
  • BH500INET
APC Back UPS CS battery fits the following models:
  • BK350EI
  • BK350-GR
  • BK500EI
  • BK500-GR
APC Back UPS ES battery fits the following models:
  • BE550-GR
  • BE550-FR
  • BE550-IT
APC Back UPS Pro battery fits the following models:
  • BP420SI
  • BP420SI
  • BP420IPNP

Trust in our 10 years of experience

Batterie Querschnitt
Applied battery by battery-direct beats manufacture-requirements.
  • High power density
  • Stable construction
  • High percentage of lead
  • Independent operating positions
  • Fully maintenance-free
Maintenance information:
  • Low ambient temperature is important for a longer life span.
  • Quick installation of battery to avoid deep discharge.
  • Replace battery as set, never single ones.

Recommended accessories:

12V 40Ah Battery, Sealed Lead Acid battery (AGM), battery-direct SBYHL-AGM-12-40, 195x129x168 mm (LxWxH), Terminal I2 (Insert M6)

Art.-No.: SBYHL-AGM-12-40
  • Nominal voltage: 12 V
  • Capacity: 40 AH
  • Weight: 12,10 kg
  • Characteristics: SBYHL-Serie: Standby, High Ratey, Long Life
  • Lifespan (cycle): Up to 450 cycles (load/unloading operations at 50% discharging depth)
  • Lifespan (calendar): LONG LIFE, 10 to 12 years according to EUROBAT (standby-operation at 20°C)