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12V 7.2Ah battery, cyclic Sealed Lead Acid battery (AGM), battery-direct CYC-AGM-12-7.2, 151x65x93 mm (LxWxH), Terminal T2 Faston 250 (6,3mm)

Art.-No.: CYC-AGM-12-7.2

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 12V 7.2Ah battery, cyclic Sealed Lead Acid battery (AGM), battery-direct CYC-AGM-12-7.2, 151x65x93 mm (LxWxH), Terminal T2 Faston 250 (6,3mm) is ready for delivery

12V 7.2Ah battery, cyclic Sealed Lead Acid battery (AGM), battery-direct CYC-AGM-12-7.2, 151x65x93 mm (LxWxH), Terminal T2 Faston 250 (6,3mm)

Part Number:CYC-AGM-12-7.2
Characteristics:CYC-Series, cyclicinfo
Voltage/Capacity:12V 7.2Ah
Dimensions:151x65x93 mm (LxWxH); height with Terminal: 100 mm
Weight:2.54 kg
Terminal:Terminal T2 Faston 250 (6,3mm)info
Max. Charge Current:2.1A
Warranty:1 Year
Operating Environment:30°C to 50°C, recommend + 10°C to + 30°C
Lifespan:GENERAL PURPOSE, 6 to 9 years according to EUROBAT (standby-operation at 20°C),
up to 450 cycles (load/unloading operations at 50% discharging depth).info
Technology:Maintenance-free, leak proof, Sealed Lead Acid battery.info
Data sheet:CYC-AGM-12-7.2pdf-required


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Which serie for which applications?

Store electricity reliably over a long period of time.
A cycle is a discharge and a charge.
Long Life
The (chronological) life indicates how long a battery can be used under optimal conditions.
High Rate
The ability to provide energy in a short time.

Brand: B.B. Battery©
 Stand-byCycleLong LifeHigh Rate
BP-SerieAllround PLUSpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositiv
EB-SerieCycle, Mobilitypositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositiv
HR-SerieHigh Ratepositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositiv
HRC-SerieHigh Ratepositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositiv
HRL-SerieHigh Rate, Long Life, Standbypositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositiv
BPL-SerieLong Life, Standbypositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositiv
MPL-SerieHigh Rate, Long Life, Standbypositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositiv
MSB-Serie Long Life, Cycle, Standbypositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositiv

Brand: battery-direct©
 Stand-byCycleLong LifeHigh Rate
SBYH-SeriesStand-By, High Ratepositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositiv
SBYH-SeriesStand-By, High Ratey, Long Lifepositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositivpositiv

This 12V 7.2Ah battery replaces:

  • B.B. Battery: BP7-12, BC7-12, BPX7-12
  • CSB: GP1270,HR1270, GP1270F2, GH1270, GP1272F2, GP1272, GP1272F1
  • Enersys/Hawker: NP7-12
  • Exide: EP7-12, EP 1229W,
  • Fiamm: FG20722, FG20721
  • Long: WP7-12, WP7.2-12, WP7.2-12M, WP7.2-12-M
  • Multipower: MP7,2-12, MP7,2-12B, MP7-12
  • Panasonic: LC-R127PG, LC-R127R2P, LC-R127R2P1, UP-RWA1245P1
  • Portalac (GS): PXL12072, PE12V7, PE12V7.2
  • Powersonic: PS-1270F2, PS-1265, PS1272, LCR12V7.2P
  • Ritar: RT1270
  • Sonnenschein: S312/7 S, A412/5.5SR
  • SSB: SB7-12, SB7-12L, SBV7-12, SB7,2-12
  • Vision: CP1270F2, CP1270
  • Yuasa: NP7-12, NPW36-12
  • Others: 7.2-12S, BFS 12-7, BS127N, PS-1270 F1, BT2070, UL 7-12, UL7.2-12, UL7.5-12, FM1270, SK 1270, BP7.5-12, GS12V7Ah, 6-DW-7, CB7-12, FP1270, FP1272, FP1275, FP1285, FP1290, HGL7.2-12, HGL8.5-12, GPS7.2-12, 6-DFM-7, 6-DFM-9, PM1270, LA1270, SLA7-12, EV1270, CB7-12, UB1270, UB1280, HV7-12, Saphir 65, dry.power 12V 7Ah, HDS-1272S, HDS-1265, 6-SM-7 (T), sk12-7,2

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12V 7.2Ah battery, cyclic Sealed Lead Acid battery (AGM), battery-direct CYC-AGM-12-7.2, 151x65x93 mm (LxWxH), Terminal T2 Faston 250 (6,3mm)